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About Us

North Texas Powder Coating is the largest powder coating facility and oven is the largest one in North Texas.  We are up to date on the latest equipment to insure quality work.  We have a high powered heated de-greasing station and a batch oven that is 10' x 10' x 20' along with a spray booth that is 10' x 10' x 24', and our bay doors are 12' x 12' to accommodate very large items.  Our forklifts make it easy and efficient to load and unload customers' parts.  North Texas Powder Coating strives to get jobs out fast!   We welcome all requests to meet your deadlines!  Ask about delivery.

We powder coat all industrial parts, small and large.  We utilize standard and high temperature coatings.  We stand behind our work to insure our customers are happy when they leave.  We have been successfully serving North Texans for many years.  We are focused on producing the highest quality powder coated products in our area!  

North Texas Powder Coating, d/b/a of F&F Composite Group, Inc. where you will find excellent detailed powder coating that goes beyond the average powder coating at a competitive price!   We at North Texas Powder Coating are committed to helping you and your business excel with timely, cost effective, fine powder coating production!  Service you can trust! for more info on other products, go to,